Summerfest medallion found in Powerline Park

Aundrea Kinney/Review • Anders Spike and Ian Morrow found the 2018 Summerfest medallion on the south side of Powerline Park on June 21. Together they received the $1,000 prize.

Two microbiologists from St. Paul, who work at Pace Analytical in Oakdale, were rewarded June 21 after sneaking out of the building on their lunch breaks throughout the week to look for the 2018 Summerfest medallion. 

Anders Spike found the glass medallion around noon that day in Powerline Park in a plastic food storage container at the base of a pine tree on the southern portion of the park. His cohort, Ian Morrow, was in a work meeting at the time.

“I’m in a meeting and I go, ‘Ah. If he’s calling me, either someone found it or he found it, one of the two, and it was the really exciting one, not the disappointing one. It was so good,” Morrow said.

The medallion hunt is an annual Summerfest tradition in Oakdale that is organized by the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce.

This year, the first clue was released June 18, with the promise of only five clues total, a limitation new to this year’s hunt.

The first clue was vague, with a few references to businesses in the area near Powerline Park, as well as the suggestion that the medallion “might take some work to appear.”

The second clue likened Northdale Park, where last year’s medallion was hidden, to the park where it was hidden this year, so Spike and Morrow decided to check out a park on the north end of town.

“We were up at Goosepond Park and there was a woman pushing her stroller around with her child in the rain, and you kind of make eye contact because you both know what you’re doing,” Morrow said, adding that they chatted and before parting ways “she said, ‘We’ll look for you in the paper.’” 

“We just want to say ‘Hello. We did it. We made it,’” Morrow said.

The third clue mentioned Oak Marsh Golf Course, which is located across the street from Powerline Park, as well as the word “switch,” like a power switch, but it wasn’t until the fourth clue, with its several hints of electricity, that Spike and Morrow felt confident which park the medallion would be in.

“With work being five minutes up the road, Anders snuck out during lunch ... and came down [to the park],” Morrow said.

Spike explained that there were about a dozen people searching the park, but they were mostly congregated around the power poles.

“First I was looking over there too,” Spike said, adding that he began to move toward the south side of the park as he tried to find a connection with the clues. He said he was making his way through the weeds to a dead tree in the distance, when he figured he’d better check a pine tree he was passing on the way.

It was there he found the medallion in the plastic storage container.

The fifth clue, which never needed to be released, indicated that there was a yellow arrow on the path pointing to the pine tree in the adjacent field.

Although this is their second year participating in the hunt, it is Spike and Morrow’s first time finding the medallion. The pair split the $1000, both having plans to save their share for a rainy day.


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