LETTER: On communicating with Rep. Jessup

To the Editor:

I have been exchanging information with Rep. Randy Jessup since late March 2018, primarily on gun control issues. This is a primer intended for anyone else in District 42A who wants to communicate effectively with Rep. Jessup. It is based upon my experience.

Rep. Jessup loves to use email. If you ask an easy question, Rep. Jessup will respond with commendable speed. If you ask a more difficult question or one that he doesn’t want to answer, he may just ignore your email. If you ask a really awkward question, he may deny that he even received the email. Email works extremely well for Rep. Jessup. It doesn’t work all that well for his constituents.

I recommend using the telephone if you have a really important question. Be prepared, however, to make detailed notes. Rep. Jessup has an excellent memory. It is just, on occasion, very short term. He can forget that he talked to you or even what he told you his position was in less than a month!

If you must use regular mail, then I recommend using return receipt requested. That way you can prove that Rep. Jessup received it.  

Greg Gross, Shoreview

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