LETTER: Calling for better responsiveness from Roseville government

To the Editor:

It’s time for a change in Roseville. The recent report on the candidates for Roseville mayor and city council was interesting in many ways. The mayor reported his success in achieving many goals for our community while a record number of candidates have filed for election. This does not support his statements of satisfaction and we are not satisfied.

Our city government needs to be more open to citizen input and to listen to our voices instead of hiding plans and actions within the agendas and in what is not discussed in open council sessions.

First, the citizens want real progress on the pathway master plan. This has been important to our community for many years. The first citizen study and recommendation was issued in 1985, yet progress has been glacially slow. Our own city surveys show we want this system completed and many other studies document the improvement to property values in cities with modern pathway systems.

Despite of spending millions on the park renewal plan, our park system doesn’t comply with the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal civil rights law.

Finally, the influence of the trash haulers lobby is a disgrace to our city and an insult to taxpayers. Don’t listen to their last minute, misleading mailings. Please join us in voting for Wayne Groff in the primary election on Aug. 14.

Jim and Stephanie DeBenedet, Roseville

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