LETTER: Support Groff for council in Roseville primary

To the Editor:

As a someone who has served on a city council myself, as well as several local commissions and boards in the Twin Cities area, I am impressed with the qualifications and positions on the issues of Wayne Groff. Wayne is running for one of the two city council seats that are up for election in Roseville this year.

Wayne has been active in city government for a long time. He served two terms on the Roseville Human Rights Commission and is currently on the Planning Commission. He has also been active in Arts Roseville.

He knows how important it is to preserve and improve our open spaces and parklands. Water is a precious commodity in Minnesota and in the Twin Cities area, and he wants to see that our watershed is protected.

One of the issues that is going to be important in this election is traffic congestion in the Roseville area, as well as mass transit options for our community. Wayne and I are in an advisory group that is trying to solve the transit problems of southeast Roseville. If elected, I know Wayne will work hard to help all of us get around Roseville and the suburban area  economically and efficiently.

He believes in building communities, by supporting police, schools, and fire services. Wayne offers a vision for Roseville that encourages all citizens to actively participate in local government.

I urge all of my neighbors to vote for Wayne in the upcoming primary election on Aug. 14.

Paul Hardt, Roseville

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