LETTER: Now is time to consider a wildlife corridor system in Roseville

To the Editor:

If you drive North on Dale from Highway 36 you will see many new construction projects. The most recent at Dale and County Road C adds significant concerns. 

There may not have been sufficient planning when clear cutting this natural area that had been undisturbed for decades. Well-established trails enabled deer and wildlife free movement while being vital in connecting the neighborhoods surrounding Central Park and the Harriet Alexander Nature Center.

There is an urgent need to understand the extremely unique layout of this property. With the current construction, every trail was destroyed except one exit point that crosses Dale Street. Wetlands surround all other accesses out of this area.

A tiny wildlife corridor on the south side of this property could allow for easier movement of wildlife while also reducing damage to gardens, lawns and bird feeders.

Similar issues have sprung up with power line, railroad and housing construction projects. It seems wise to consider the movement of wildlife the same way we manage sidewalk and roadway traffic.

The property at Dale and County Road C is a great place to test the effectiveness and begin a conversation of developing a wildlife corridor system throughout Roseville. How citizens interact and enjoy nature is certainly within the mission of the City of Roseville.

The significant disruption of wildlife may have been unintentionally overlooked in the planning process but this is a good opportunity to do what is right, not what is required.

William Hale, Roseville

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