South-West Review police reports published May 27, 2018

South-West Review police reports published May 29, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Mendota Heights


An officer found a driver sleeping in his vehicle in the middle of the road near the intersection of Lexington Avenue and Victoria Curve May 12. Turns out the driver was drunk and subsequently arrested. 



Someone reported a purse being stolen from a vehicle in the 1300 block of Highway 13 May 12. The window of the vehicle had been broken to gain access. The purse was found nearby. 


Drug paraphernalia

A vehicle was pulled over on Highway 110 East May 13 and the driver turned out to have no drivers license. Police searched the vehicle and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Both the driver and passenger were cited for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle. 


Try again

A work truck at a construction site in the 700 block of South Plaza Drive May 15 was damaged sometime between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Someone attempted to pry the truck door open using tools in the bed of the truck. The attempted burglar wasn’t able to get in and nothing was stolen. 


You don’t live here

Police searched a building in the 1000 block of Sibley Memorial Highway May 16 that was supposed to be vacant, but officers found two individuals inside. They were identified and cited for trespassing.


South St. Paul


A woman was found sleeping in a vehicle with the doors open in the 600 block of First Avenue South May 14. When police arrived, they tried to wake the woman, but she initially wouldn’t respond. At one point she tried to reach for her keys in the ignition and police removed her from the vehicle. When she eventually woke up, she said had driven from a friend’s house and admitted to consuming a few beers that evening.  The driver blew a .287 and was placed under arrest. 


Warrant arrest

A Dakota County probation officer called police on a client who had violated their probation in the 600 block of Fifth Avenue South May 14. Officers found the man inside his room and he was agitated but cooperative with commands. He was arrested and transported to Dakota County Jail.



While on routine patrol May 15, an officer saw a vehicle parked in a residential driveway that appeared to have altered plates. A piece of electrical tape was covering a letter. When the officer ran a check, the plates came back as being marked stolen. Police went inside the home and found a man there, who did not have permission to be in the home. While the man was being arrested, officers saw a glass bubble pipe on the table next to the couch and a golf ball sized bag of what police suspected to be methamphetamine. Another bag was found within the blankets near the couch. 


Really dude?

An extremely intoxicated man was found urinating in the street on 11th Avenue South. When police arrived, the man showed multiple signs of being drunk – bloodshot eyes, sluggishness, and the smell of alcohol on the man’s breath. The officer decided to bring the man to Ramsey County Detox. 



A man was trying to use his bank card for an online purchase May 16 only to find it had been locked by the fraud department. When the man called his financial institution said his card had been locked down due to suspected fraudulent activity originating from New York.


West St. Paul

Dirty crime

A call came in May 15 from the 1300 block of Robert Street South from someone who said they could see someone on video trying to steal coins at a laundromat. The alleged thief was using a drill to get at the coins. 



A man came into the police department lobby May 17 to report a series of threats he had received. The man said he started talking to someone he thought was a prostitute on an app called “What’s Up.” He stopped talking to her and then another man started harassing him for money. Police told him it was a scam and to block and ignore any further calls.


Dust in the wind

Someone called police from the 900 block of Dodd Road May 18 because their neighbors don’t have grass in their backyard – meaning that when the windows were open dust blew in. The caller wanted to know if anything could be done. 



A woman came to the police department May 20 to talk with an officer about gunfire she heard on a float during the parade the day before. She said she complained to multiple officers that day and was at the police department to file a complaint. The officer she spoke with told her he would forward her information to a member of the Celebrate West S. Paul Days’ committee and request that they contact her.


Party time

Music from a house in the 300 block of Stanely Street East May 19 could be heard well over a block away. A partygoer was advised to turn off the music for the evening and they complied.


My own daughter

A man came into the police department May 21 to report his daughter had taken money out of his bank accounts. The man wanted to know what his options were. 


Is your fridge running?

A complaint came in from the 1000 block of Delaware Avenue May 21 about a fridge at a curb with the doors still on and not locked. The resident said they would remove the doors after getting off the phone.


Check the bags

On May 22, a call came in from the 1500 block of Bellows Street about a suspicious man going through cars in the area. He was seen going through bags he got out of a vehicle. Turns out the man was just gathering a few items from his ex’s car. 


Stranger danger

A woman called May 22 to report that a man had been following and approaching her kids on the way to school. She said over the past few days, a man had been following her daughter and friends in a van. On May 21, the man attempted to have a conversation with them. Police said they would notify patrolling officers and told the mother to have the dad drive the route the daughter takes on her way to school. The dad was told to call 911 if the van is spotted so the man could be identified.

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