LETTER: New Brighton’s canceled 2019 election: ‘It’s your city too’

To the Editor:

In this time of very partisan division throughout the country, we still have the right to vote. The New Brighton Council took that away after the 2017 election by canceling our next election. They elected themselves an extra year on their terms without your vote. I’m not OK with that, are you?

I take my right and responsibility to vote very seriously and will never surrender my vote to anyone. I testified before the Senate to support Sen. Kiffmeyer’s bill, SF3021, which says, “The terms of incumbent city council members must not be lengthened or shortened.” It is reasonable to allow elected council members to finish their terms. This clarification makes the law crystal clear: you cannot change your term without an election.

Nobody has ever tried to stop the change of the election year. The way to make the change is to hold an initial election and set the terms before the election so all voters know what they’re voting for.

There is a petition being circulated and it will be in your neighborhood soon. Signing it is not voting for or against anything, it simply puts the question on the 2018 ballot so voters can decide if the 2019 election should be held. There should be no hesitation if asked to sign, it merely protects your vote. It’s difficult to engage voters when we aren’t allowed to participate in elections.

It’s your city too! We cannot give up our right to vote for those who represent us.

Susan Erickson, New Brighton

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