South-West Review police reports published May 13, 2018

South-West Review police reports published May 13, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights

Can’t have that

An 18-year-old man was found in possession of alcohol and drug paraphernalia May 3 in the 2900 block of 80th Street East.



On May 5, an officer was called to help Dakota County officers in the 4400 block of 66th Street deal with a trespassing suspect. The suspect was later taken to the hospital.


Property damage

Someone called from the 6000 block of Carmen Avenue May 5 to report damage to property, which was estimated to be about $700.


Burn baby burn

On May 6, officers responded to a complaint of a man burning railroad ties in his yard, which is illegal. The fire department was called to help deal with the fire, which was still smoldering. No one was home, but the homeowner was issued a citation for burning violations.


Warrant arrest

While assisting West St. Paul police with calls for service on May 7, a caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the 200 block of Edith Drive. A 39-year-old female passenger was arrested on an outstanding warrant and jailed at Dakota County.



An officer responded to the 3200 block of 78th Street May 2 for a disorderly conduct incident. Two men were warned for their conduct.



A vehicle was pulled over in the area of Delilah Avenue and Concord Boulevard May 4. A 39-year-old man was arrested for driving while impaired and possession of a controlled substance.


Mendota Heights

Traffic to drugs

A vehicle was pulled over April 28 in the area of Lexington Avenue and Wagon Wheel Trail for failing to stop at a stop sign. An officer could smell marijuana and searched the vehicle. A small amount of marijuana was seized and all three occupants admitted to owning the drugs and were cited.


Warrant arrest

An officer was asked by Washington County to stop and identify the occupants of a vehicle that was rented at a nearby location in the 2000 block of Lexington Avenue April 30. It was determined the driver of the vehicle had a warrant and was transported to Dakota County Jail.



While on routine patrol May 1 in the 1000 block of Esther Lane, an officer noticed a vehicle with expired registration parked on the street. Upon further investigation, the officer noticed the stickers didn’t belong to the vehicle. The officer spoke with the registered owner who admitted to stealing the registration stickers and placed them on his license plates.


Drinking while driving

A suspicious vehicle was pulled over in a parking lot near the 1000 block of Sibley Memorial Highway May 1. When the officer approached the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana was coming from inside. The officer searched the vehicle and in addition to a small amount of marijuana, there were also two open bottles of beer. Both the driver and passenger were issued citations for the open bottles.



A local business reported check fraud May 2. An unknown suspect from out of state used the business routing number to make three checks. The bank was immediately notified and there was no loss.


That’s not nice

Someone reported May 3 they were being harassed by a former co-worker that had been recently fired.


South St. Paul

Warrant arrest

On April 30, an officer was in the 200 block of 21st Avenue when he saw a passenger in a vehicle he knew from previous contact. A check of the passenger revealed she had an outstanding felony warrant from Dakota County. The officer stopped the vehicle and placed the passenger under arrest. She was transported to Dakota County Jail.


Computer virus

A man came into the police department May 1 to report that he and his wife had been scammed out of $6,000. He said his wife received an email on her computer advising her that it was having problems. She then called the number and spoke with someone who told her they would send a machine to their house that scans the computer and that it cost $6,000 and they would need to put 10 percent down. The couple drove around buying Google cards worth the $6,000, and gave the person on the phone, who stayed on the phone the entire time, the pin numbers. Police told the man to also report this scam to the FBI via its website. They also advised him to contact the company on the Google cards to see if they can cancel the cards or if they had been redeemed. 


Company scam

On May 3, an officer spoke with a business owner who believed a company in Poland had scammed him. The owner told police his company purchases supplies from a company in India. On April 9, his company made an electronic payment to the India based company for over $4,000. On April 24, his company received a request they believed to be from the same company requesting that same payment again in advance to facilitate completion of the order. The man told police this was not out of the ordinary for another company to request the full payment prior to shipping. When reviewing the invoices on May 3, after failing to receive the paid-for supplies, it was discovered the emails containing the banking information for the India company were intercepted by a company in Poland. This Poland-based company switched the banking information on the invoices, so both payments went to them. 


Run away

An officer responded to a trespassing complaint May 3 in the 500 block of 16th Avenue North. The caller said a woman that was not supposed to be at that residence had just entered the detached garage. When the officer arrived, they could see the garage service door open and found the woman lying on clothes just inside the door. The officer placed the woman, who denied being banned from the property, under arrest. While another officer talked with the homeowner, the woman started yelling to the homeowner and tried to get away. The woman continued struggle and make a scene in the squad car. Eventually a small piece of plastic fell from the woman and was found on the floor of the squad. It turned out to be methamphetamine. 


West St. Paul

Stolen goods

A woman called police from the 1800 block of Oakdale Avenue May 2 because she thought her purse and computer were stolen from her appointment that morning. She said she was told by her husband that a woman opened their apartment door that morning when it was unlocked, mumbled something and then left.


Broken pod

On May 3, officers got a call from a woman in the 200 block of Emerson Avenue West that a storage pod parked on the street was broken into. An unknown person put a sign on the side of the unit that said “free.” It is unknown what was taken.


Jump the curb

A call came in May 3 from the 1000 block of Seminole Avenue after a woman saw a man drive over a curb with a bottle of beer in hand. He got out of the car and walked up to a house, but didn’t go in. The woman was concerned he may drive again.


If a woodchuck could chuck wood

A man called police May 4 from the 1600 block of Humboldt Avenue because someone was using a wood chipper and it was very loud while he was trying to have a garage sale. Police told the man no ordinance was being violated.


Lesson learned

A woman called to report a kid who was pounding on a window and running away in the 100 block of Thompson Avenue East May 4. An officer found the kid and had him apologize to the woman whose windows he hit with a stick. He spoke with all the kids in the park area about treating people and property with respect.


What’s up?

A caller could see lights on in Goodyear in the 1100 block of Robert Street at a time when the lights were normally off. While the business could not validate this, it is not uncommon for people to be working on their personal vehicle after hours.


Third time is not the charm

A business in the 1600 block of Robert Street called police after a man returned multiple times trying to steal things. The first time he tried to steal a bike. The second time he said someone stole his bike. The third time he put on a new pair of boots and was walking around the store with them on and had a different bike from the first time. The loss prevention employee wanted the man removed from the store. He was told to leave the property and told if he came back, he would be taken to jail.

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