South-West Review police reports published April 29, 2018

South-West Review police reports published April 29, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights

Found car

A stolen vehicle was found in the 11600 block of Courthouse Boulevard April 18.



On April 21, an officer was called to a vehicle crash where two mailboxes had been struck. The vehicle was unoccupied when it was found, but an investigation revealed that around midnight the registered owner of the vehicle had crashed into the mailboxes and made no attempt to contact the homeowners or police. The driver was cited for a hit-and-run.



Police pulled a driver over near the intersection of Bovey Avenue and 70th Street East April 24. The 47-year-old man driving was arrested for third degree driving under the influence and transported to Dakota County Jail.

On April 21, police pulled a vehicle over at the intersection of Poplar Street and Concord Boulevard. A 57-year-old man was arrested for DUI.


Warrant arrest

An officer stopped a vehicle in the 7300 block of Cahill Avenue April 19. Two men were arrested for warrants and drugs.



Officers were dispatched to a trespassing call in the 1800 block of 60th Street April 19.


Dog impound

On April 22, a resident found a dog on his property in the 8000 block of Dawn Avenue. The dog had no identifying tags and was transported to the South St. Paul Animal Hospital.



A call came in about a theft in the 1400 block of Mendota Road on April 23.



On April 24, officers responded to a domestic assault, and a 42-year-old woman was arrested and transported to Dakota County Jail.


Mendota Heights 


An employee at a business in the 700 block of Highway 110 arrived to work April 14 and found the business had been burglarized. The employee walked through the business and discovered the cash bag had been emptied. The owner was notified, and the loss was $210.

The owner of another business in the 700 block of Highway 110 realized April 14 his business had been burglarized as well. The office had been riffled through and the electrical box panel was left open, but nothing was missing. 


Computer hackers

On April 14, police spoke with a victim of fraud via computer. The victim’s computer had fallen to hackers who took control of her computer and demanded money to remove viruses. 


Offering drugs

Someone in the 700 block of Mohican Lane called police April 19 to report a neighbor that had offered her child drugs.


Bottle grab

Someone called from the 900 block of Sibley Memorial Highway April 19 to report a theft. The reporting party said a man came in and walked out with a bottle — the caller said he was able to get the bottle back from the man.


Stop at a stop sign

An accident took place April 14 in the intersection of Dodd Road and Delaware Avenue. The driver of a Chevrolet Traverse was southbound on Dodd, while the driver of the Toyota Highlander was southbound on Delaware. The driver of the Traverse said the other driver did not stop at the stop sign, and he steered left to avoid collision. The Highlander struck the passenger, rear tire of the other vehicle. Traffic on Dodd Road has the right of way. 


Want a license plate?

A resident found a vehicle license plate on the ground in the 700 block of Cheyenne Lane April 16 and turned it into the police department. An officer took custody of the plate and attempted to contact the owner. 


South St. Paul

Lovers quarrel

Someone called to report hearing a couple fighting  on April 16 in the 1100 block of Eighth Avenue. Nothing physical occurred and both parties agreed to separate for the night.


Parking problems

There was an ongoing dispute between neighbors in the 900 block of Eighth Avenue about parking. On April 17, one neighbor parked her vehicle against the others to block the vehicles in. No damage occurred.



Someone called police April 19 after falling victim to a telephone scam and losing $500.


Warrant arrest

A man was arrested in the area of Earl Lane and Myrtle Place April 23 after defecating in a bush in a resident’s yard.


West St. Paul

Just so you know

Police received a call April 18 from someone wanting to make the department aware of a scam call. He had received a message from someone saying they were with Microsoft and their computer would be shut down if they didn’t call the number immediately and “take care of the situation.” The man did not suffer a loss but wanted police to know so they could spread the word about it.


Don’t come back

A call came in from the CVS in the 1400 block of Robert Street April 19 regarding a woman who was hiding hair products in her purse. The caller, who was an employee, was going to try to stop her when she left the bathroom. The woman ended up giving the items back but CVS banned her from the store for a year.


Stolen car

A woman called police April 20 after discovering her car had been stolen overnight from an apartment on Thompson Avenue. The woman believed someone took her jacket from the laundry room — which had the car keys in it — then took the vehicle. Police checked with Cedar Towing and confirmed there were no matching tows from that night.


You’re not the cops

On April 20, a man called a woman and said he was a West St. Paul police officer and began asking her questions. When he said he wanted to record her, the woman said no and the man hung up. The man has called the St. Paul White Castle and said he was with the West St. Paul police and has some psychology questions. The woman answered some of the questions, but when he said he needed to record certain words like “ok” and “yes” she said no.


Feed the birds

A customer at a business in the 1500 block of Robert Street called April 21 reporting another customer had been inside the building that was asked to leave but was refusing to do so. The man had been begging for tin cans and wasn’t buying anything. At one point, he started ripping donuts and throwing them in the parking lot. After talking with the owner, officers discovered the owner gave the man donuts to give to birds. There were no issues according to the owner.


Neighborhood vigilante

A call came in April 21 from a man who told police he called the number in an advertisement to purchase a dog the week before and went to a house somewhere in West St. Paul. He was contacted by a man who said he was the neighborhood vigilante and wanted to interview him about sex offenders and statutes. The man advised this “vigilante” that it was ok to record as he claimed it was for training and he would delete after. The man calling police was notified on April 21 that there was a picture of him online as “Miguel,” a “23-year-old” sex offender from the East Side of St. Paul — none of which was true. The man said there is now an edited version of the video online. 


Stolen tools

Someone broke into a locked cabinet April 22 in the 240 block of Marie Avenue East and stole tools valued at $2,200.


Party time

Someone reported a loud party in the 2000 block of Christensen Avenue April 24 that had been happening for four days. There was supposedly screaming and stomping. The caller didn’t know if there was fighting or not. An officer spoke with a man who said the tenant of that apartment was not home and he did not know the other tenant. He denied the claim that the noise had been going on for days. 

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