Oak Springs Chiropractic wants to help keep your health in line

Top row: Dr. Andy Lundgren, Dr. Ben Smetana, Debby Jensen CMT  Bottom row: Amanda Tucci, Kerry Carter, Dr. Heidi Salonek

The staff at Oak Springs Chiropractic strives for wellness for the whole family, working with everyone from newborns to seniors.

Above, located at 1015 Helmo Ave. N. in Oakdale, the office is open and ready to bring health and wellness for all.

Aches, pains and tension are all common reasons to see the chiropractor.

The doctors at Oak Springs Chiropractic want to not only help take those pains away, but allow your entire body to heal itself back to wellness.

"Chiropractic care removes stress from the body, so it can do what it was designed to do," Dr. Heidi Salonek says. "Until you actually experience chiropractic, you don't know the benefits it can give to your body."

By adjusting the spine, she says she and others at Oak Springs work to rejoin the connections in your nervous system. When a new patient walks through the door, their health history, nerve function scans and a spinal examination allow the doctors to create a personalized plan for you and your body.

"We have a lot of different tricks in our back pocket to try and administer the best treatment for each person," Dr. Salonek says.


Pain is the symptom

Pain is the one of the most common reasons people stop into the Oakdale chiropractic office, which treats much more than back troubles. 

"Pain isn't the problem, the pain is the symptom," Dr. Ben Smetana says. "The problem is that the body can't communicate with itself. Therefore, it gives you warning signs that something's not right."

Pointing out how a kink in a sprinkler's hose can limit water flow, he says an interruption within the nervous system can interfere with the whole body's function. 

"The body is the same way," Dr. Smetana says. "You have a brain, and it is sending signals down your spinal cord. If there's full flow, all the connected parts work right. If there's interference, then whatever isn't getting the signal starts to wane and die."

He says he and his colleagues look at the body in both a holistic and functioning light, rather than the standard injury-and-disease mindset of most healthcare.

"It's a different philosophy of healthcare — that's truly what chiropractic is about," Dr. Smetana says.


One piece of the puzzle

By looking at the body as a whole, chiropractic is one way to be proactive with your health. But health doesn't come solely from chiropractic care.

"Chiropractic care is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to taking care of your body," Dr. Salonek says. "Its a large part, it deals with the optimal function of your nerve system, but if you're ignoring your food, not getting enough sleep or water, you're going to be in pain. Your body isn't going to work right, no matter how many times we adjust you."

Through their approaches, the doctors at Oak Springs Chiropractic work to keep you ahead of any of your body’s issues in order to maintain a high quality of life. 

Says Dr. Salonek, "We work to show people what they can do to stay well for a lifetime."

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