Happiness is a color at Hirshfield's

From left, Shannon, Alezah, Nancy and Blake represent the Roseville Hirshfield’s.

HIrshfield’s own line of paint is manufactured here in the Twin Cities.

Wall coverings are now in stock at the Roseville store.

The Roseville store, in the city's Design District, has what you need for your home, from trendy to timeless


Nothing ties a room together and impacts your mood quite like color, and no one knows color like Hirshfield's. 

You may be overwhelmed by the thousands of options to choose from, but the Hirshfield's team can help you foresee exactly how that color will look in your space.

"We offer in-store color help. Bring in anything you can imagine from your home and we can help you put your colors together," says Shannon Scarrella, head of the decor department at the Roseville store. "We offer in-home color consulting for a fee. The people going to the homes have been around color for a long time. They have a good idea about the undertones of paint and how color will look on your wall."

Many people know that Hirshfield's does color like no one else, but they may not know just how long the company has been at it. Founded in 1894 and still holding the status of being a family-owned business, the Hirshfield's line of paint is manufactured in Minneapolis, and the store is part of the Roseville Design District.


Hirshfields knows trends

Interior designer Paula Bongartz is an expert on trends in home decorating and teaches classes at Hirshfield's. She breaks down what she sees as the biggest trends right now.

"One is designing happiness through living more simply — minimalism with warmth. Minimalism can be stark and cold, but this is warm and comfortable," Bongartz says. "We don't want to go around dusting off knick-knacks anymore." 

She explains that she's seeing neutral colors selected most often for this scheme, but with warmed-up tones, like taupe.

Another trend is what Bongartz calls a "return to luxury," but in an accessible way.

"That luxury is in the form of using velvets, cut velvets. More of a sheen on fabrics. But it's an everyday luxury."

Related to luxury is the "makers movement." In other words, consumers have more of a desire to purchase goods from the local artisans and craftsmen who make them.

"There's a greater interest now in purchasing their wares because there's a story to tell. You look at it in your homes and you feel happy!" Bongartz says. With this in mind, it's no surprise that her most popular class right now is on "what makes a room feel great."

Of course, trends are not the be-all, end-all of home decorating. Scarrella says that the Hirshfield's staff always looks first for what suits the home.

"As much as people follow trends, we design for your home. If there's something you love in your home, I choose to emphasize that," Scarrella says.

Customers hoping to spruce up their walls aren't just limited to paint at the Roseville Hirshfield's. 

Roseville is the first Hirshfield's location to bring back in-stock wall coverings — a.k.a. wallpaper. Graphics ranging from subtle to bold are on display in Roseville, and guests can stop in, scope out the look and feel of different designs, then take it home. They can also peruse window fashions and treatments.

There are countless ideas for home transformation at Hirshfield's, all of which can help bring a sense of joy to your dwelling. As Scarrella says, "Your home is your sanctuary. It ‘s where you give back to yourself."

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