Fitness Crossroad: The Path to a Healthier You

Fitness Crossroad offers a long list of group fitness classes that bring a focused workout into a fun, motivated atmosphere. Group training sessions not only create accountability at the gym, but they also make sure you are working out correctly.

Of the children using Childcare at Fitness Crossroad, coordinator Tara Halverson says “we will love them, laugh with them, and explore with them.”

The Club’s community, variety, and support all work toward its members’ success


What’s holding you back from starting a gym membership? Whether it’s because you don’t have the time, motivation or knowledge, Fitness Crossroad has the answer.

“All of us know we should be more active, but life gets in the way,” says General Manager Randy Witthus, who has been there from the start 17 years ago. “We’re trying to make it convenient, welcoming and have enough variety so that when life gets busy, our members have options to help them keep active.”

Randy says 84 percent of Americans do not currently belong to a gym, and that Fitness Crossroad is trying to have an effect on that number. Open seven days a week, members can take advantage of the Club’s knowledgeable trainers, classes and machines.



Fitness Crossroad is helping to get more people engaged and active through the welcoming environment the Club provides. “You can connect with the classes, get some personalized direction, and be involved with people who are on the same journey as you,” Randy says. There’s truly something for everyone with 50 group fitness classes, 20 small group training sessions, and even three children’s classes offered each week.

April Kelly of St. Anthony has been coming to the Club for the last six years and utilizes the trainer-led group training sessions. “I enjoy a challenge,” April says. “Usually, if I come in here without going to a class, I just wander around aimlessly. It’s just that natural progression of when you get comfortable with certain exercises or you get better with weights — you need to move up.”

April says that a lot of the members at Fitness Crossroad are familiar faces — neighbors and friends — and it’s a community within the community. “When you work out with friends and people you know, there is an added accountability,” she says. “It really is the community that keeps bringing me back.”



If group-style training isn’t your first choice, the variety at Fitness Crossroad will help you find your fit. “We call ourselves a full-service fitness center,” owner Barry Tedlund says. “When you talk about variety, we have a mix of everything within classes, equipment and people.”

Besides the standard treadmills and weights, the Club features unique equipment like the Jacob’s Ladder and Lateral X machines. Off the gym floor, it offers a sauna, steam room, massage, acupuncture, child care and more.

All of this variety is what Barry wanted to provide for an area that was underserved. He says the neighborhood near the St. Anthony Shopping Center needed more fitness opportunities, and that’s why he opened Fitness Crossroad in 2001. “We intended to make this a comfortable, productive place for all ages, from our ‘tumbling tots’ to our seniors.”



The Club really is a place of belonging for one of its oldest members, Bruce Sothern, who has been coming since it opened. “The first time I came here, I was the only one in the stretch and balance class,” Bruce says. “They had just opened, so that was a while ago.”

Still driving, the 98-year-old says he tries to get to the Club every day. He frequents the sit-down NuStep machine to work the complete body, as well as the stretch and balance class.

“I’m just trying to work out a little bit, that’s all,” Bruce says. “It’s a good place to come, and there are so many different things you can exercise on. This place keeps me alive.”




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