LETTER: When it comes to gun violence, aim at the right target

– Ed Fischer

To the Editor:

Why does cartoonist Ed Fischer picture the NRA as the giant villain in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting (Cartoon, see below, published Feb. 27 and 28)? 

If Ed wants to slay the evil giant, he may want to make sure he is aiming at the right target.

So far as we know, the immediate villain in the Parkland tragedy was the shooter who pulled the trigger. He bears full responsibility for his evil actions.

But there are other secondary villains: How about the sheriff or the person who issued the order for the deputies to stand-down and not enter the school building? Or those who did not respond proactively to the 18 to 23 calls telling of the now killer’s intentions to be a school shooter? Who are the villains here?

One of the reasons we are not making progress in curbing lethal violence is that we are looking at the wrong target. Remember, the NRA works to protect our fundamental right to self-protection as listed in the 2nd Amendment. According to a study published in 1995, over 2 million times each year citizens used their guns to defend themselves, most of the time by merely brandishing their firearm. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Howard Reitz, Roseville

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