LETTER: New Brighton’s ‘monoculture in thinking’

To the Editor:

The recent incident where Ben Jones was removed from the New Brighton Planning Commission is actually part of a trend. The New Brighton City Council has removed several sterling citizens from the voluntary commissions in the last couple of years.

Ben Jones had a fatal flaw. He is mega-smart and had an opinion. That’s a threat to the powers that be in New Brighton. But previous firings reveal an underhanded agenda already in play.

Mild-mannered Ken Schumann was dismissed from the Public Safety Commission. Why? Accomplished businessman Bruce Knight was thrown off the Economic Development Commission. And Sue Erickson was dismissed from the Planning Commission. In my opinion, these are some of the best, brightest and most knowledgeable people in New Brighton.

All of these people would easily pass muster with any other organization, public or private, but not in the City of New Brighton.

Healthy democracy requires a diversity of thought. Instead, New Brighton is creating a monoculture in thinking. Lemmings only need apply. Is this the government you want in New Brighton?

Richard “Rick” Moses, New Brighton

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