Eggroll Queen’s trailer burns, neighborhood rallies to to get it rolling again

file photo • Mai Vang and her son Kevin made and sold egg rolls during the 7th Street Live festival in 2016. Vang’s food trailer was destroyed by a fire on Jan. 14 and friends have set up a GoFundMe fundraiser webpage to help get her mobile businesses back up and running.

Many East Side neighbors know Mai Vang as the Eggroll Queen. She and her family park their food trailer at various sites across the East Side, selling her locally-famous egg rolls. 

She and her husband were serving food on Jan. 14 to help cover the cost of Vang’s grandmother’s funeral when the trailer caught fire. Though no one was hurt, the trailer was destroyed. 

Vang said she did get insurance money, but it was only enough to cover the costs of destroyed rental equipment, and not to rebuild her trailer. 

When friends and neighbors heard about the fire, they rallied around her, creating a GoFundMe fundraiser webpage to help bring her trailer back to the East Side’s streets. 

As of Feb. 22, the community had helped raise about $6,400 of the $7,600 goal.

“Today is a good day, I feel so loved and my heart couldn’t hold down my tears,” Vang said the afternoon of Feb. 21.

“You see all the bad news about the East Side,” she continued, “but yet you have all these wonderful people come together for someone they don’t even know. It shows how much love this community has.”

Vang has been cooking and selling her egg rolls for about three years. She started in 2015 when she sold egg rolls to help raise money for a family who lost their 4-year-old daughter and house to a fire.

Vang was coming out of her own low point around the same time — she had suddenly lost all of her hearing and doctors couldn’t figure out why. 

Before she lost her hearing, Vang was a business woman, running her own software company and working as an insurance agent. 

But when she lost her hearing, she had to give all that up. Running her egg roll business and using it to help fundraise for others has helped her cope with her sudden hearing loss. 

“Since I can’t hear, it’s really stressful. When I help other people, it helps me release my stress,” Vang said.

She started using her trailer during the summer of 2016. The night before she was set to hit the road for the first time, thieves broke into it and stole much of her equipment. At that point the community also rallied around her, donating funds and equipment to help get her mobile business running.

“The love fills me with so much passion to want to continue making yummy egg rolls for this community,” Vang said. 

To donate money to help rebuild the Eggroll Queen’s trailer, go to


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