LETTER: One more letter about that former New Brighton council member ...

To the Editor:

It’s unusual that months after a local election that Gina Bauman sparks media interest. She was controversial. For years she was a lone fiscal conservative voice and I contend that any public organization benefits from one. She monitored decisions with the taxpayers in mind, and that, too, was positive. 

The last letter commenting on Gina (published Jan. 30 and 31) said New Brighton has made positive changes in the last 50 years, but what community hasn’t? We do have a nice community but the history of our city government includes issues with small business, a snail’s pace in development of the Northeast Quadrant, ethical lapses that reached the state courts and a number of foolish million-dollar expenditures. 

Gina was usually in the thick of these issues and should proudly wear the label of “controversial” because she was a taxpayer advocate. The winds resulting in our present government brought us a more political and social emphasis rather than civic — regarding safety, garbage removal, working sewers — and will eventually create conditions that will require another taxpayer advocate.

Richard Heiser, New Brighton

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