Brausen Auto will treat you and your car with quality service and care

The Brausen Family; Ted, Cheri, Brittany, Jake, and the dog Gigi.

The family business has been treating its customers like family in Arden Hills and Roseville since 1969


The auto shop is the last place anyone wants to visit. Luckily, Brausen Family Automotive Repair wants to get you back on the road as quickly as you do. 

From penciling in a standard oil change to turning in your vehicle for an unplanned, comprehensive repair, the shop wants to make sure every visit is the best possible experience.

“People would probably rather go in to the dentist than have to come in and see me,” Shop Manager Jake Brausen jokes. “Most people who come through the door, they might be having their worst day ever.”

With that in mind, Jake and the rest of the shop’s staff make sure their customer service is as top quality as the work happening in the garage. 

“Always do it right the first time, do it right on time, make the customer happy — that’s what it’s all about,” Jake says. “I think customers get the sense that we care and are family-oriented.”

With honesty and integrity, the work that happens at Brausen Auto has helped the shop succeed for nearly a half century.

What can this family business do that other, corporate locations cannot? It’s the connections and relationships that set Brausen apart, and it all starts with knowing each customer by name.

“Sometimes, you’ll get the joke, ‘Oh, that’s not good you guys know my name here,’” Jakes says, “but it just blows people away.”

Being personable and listening to everyone who comes through the door is the staff’s ultimate goal, and they try to build and continue their “family” culture within the shop. 

Working against any preconceived notions of mechanics, the staff never works to rip anyone off or make unneeded repairs.

“If you need it, you need it, but if you don’t, you don’t,” Jake says. “There’s enough cars and enough problems with cars — you don’t need to screw people over.”

Providing the best quality auto repairs in the area isn’t the shop’s only focus — maintaining the family business’s reputation and name drives Brausen every day, too. 

“There’s just something about being the third generation and still expanding and building,” Jake says. “My dad worked off my grandpa’s name and now I’m doing it off my dad. There’s a lot of family pride in that.”

Jake has worked for the family business since he was 12, first as a cashier, then in the business office and everywhere in-between. His passion and dedication to the shop has only grown.

“Growing up in the business and spending as much time here as I did as a kid, looking back, I don’t see myself doing anything else,” he says.

Stepping into the role of managing the shop, Jake says it’s often so busy the staff can have a tough time bringing in cars fast enough to keep up with client demand. But help —  a shop expansion — is on the way. 

Jake says major renovations will begin this spring to add additional car service bays, rework the gas station, offer additional food options and add a new waiting room.

As Brausen Family Automotive Repair grows for the future, the business will maintain the quality, respect and personal care in service that’s defined it for the past 50 years.


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