LETTER: Roseville has always had a ‘professional’ firefighting staff

To the Editor

In the January/February issue of the Roseville City News, an article appeared entitled “Fire Department Transition Continues.” I believe the writer of this article could have used more accurate wording when describing the transition. In particular I found the wording in the statement “... the department began implementing Phase I of a plan to transition from a part-time firefighter model to a full-time professional staff in 2015” imprecise. The sentence seems to imply that a part-time fighter staff is not a professional staff.  

This is not the case in Roseville. Meriam-Webster contains several definitions of “professional;” the one most appropriate to a firefighting staff is “characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession.” For many decades now, all the city’s firefighting staff have met various state and national training standards such as NFPA 1001 — Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications. Over those same decades the citizens of Roseville have continuously benefitted from the services of this highly trained professional firefighting staff, be they part-time or full-time.

If I were editing the City News I would have changed the sentence to read “... in 2015 the department began implementing Phase I of a plan to transition the delivery of professional firefighting services from a part-time staff to a full-time staff.”

Bob Murphy - Retired Roseville Fire Department firefighter, captain and deputy chief, with 21 years of service, Roseville

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