Highway 110 in Mendota Heights to get a new name

A well-traveled stretch of roadway between interstates 35W and 494 will be getting a single name come July. Highway 110 in Mendota Heights will be renamed to Highway 62. The goal is to help ease confusion for drivers traveling through the area. • courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Next year, motorists driving down Highway 110 will notice something a little different: it was renamed Highway 62. 

Currently, the stretch of roadway between interstates 35W and 494 has three different names: Highway 62 west of Fort Snelling, Highway 55 over the Minnesota River and Highway 110, starting at Highway 13. 

Molly Kline, the south area engineer for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, said the idea for the name change came up years ago, with earnest planning beginning just less than a year ago. 

The goal is to lessen confusion for drivers from outside the Twin Cities navigating around the airport. 

“This change will allow travelers to travel on one route from 494 in Minnetonka to 494 in Inver Grove Heights without changing road names,” Kline said. 

Highway 55 is a north/south route between Hastings and Minneapolis, and Kline said it would have been extremely confusing to branch off of it with an east/west route.

Kline said the Highway 100 series is from the old beltway system, so it made the most sense to update it to current route designations. 

Jennifer Cannon has lived in the West St. Paul, Mendota Heights and St. Paul areas since 1995. She said she thinks the name change makes sense. 

“It will provide continuity on the east/west corridor and make it much easier to give people directions to my house from the airport. The 5/55/62/110/13 interchange around the [Mendota Bridge] is just ridiculous,” Cannon said.

Mendota Heights City Administrator Mark McNeill said the city has received a couple of letters from people who want the name to remain Highway 110. The city council was made aware of the coming change in 2016, he said, and wasn’t on board.

“The city was not supportive of the change from trunk highway 110 to 62, but ultimately it is MnDOT that makes that decision,” he said. 

McNeill said there has been at least one resident, who is on the highway frontage road, who inquired about the name change. When the change goes through, the resident’s road would become Trunk Highway 62 Frontage Road. The resident wanted to know if the road could be changed to something more recognizable.

Because of the name change, residents and businesses will have their addresses impacted. Kline said those with affected addresses received a letter inviting them to open houses to talk with MnDOT and the city in person. Specific questions relating to address changes should be directed to the respective city, as MnDOT does not have the jurisdiction to modify addresses, she said. 

To help with the change, Kline said the new Highway 62 signs will be installed next to “old Highway 110 signs.”

“The ‘old Highway 110’ signs will remain in place for approximately one year to allow drivers time to adjust to the new name,” she said.

The sign work is anticipated to begin and end in July of next year, at an estimated cost of $30,000.


—Hannah Burlingame

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