Vote ‘yes’ on the ISD 623 bond for our kids’ future

To the Editor:

I’m voting “yes” on the ISD 623 building bond!

In 2013, my kids and I moved to Minnesota, specifically to ISD 623, because of the high quality education. Our first year, I was shocked at the conditions they had to work in and yet, still provide the results they do. As with any school, the teachers are working more than the hours that are required, but they had more on their plate than I thought.

The staff are having to deal with many things they shouldn’t be having to worry about: the physical health, security and safety of the kids and staff.

There’s overwhelming heat and humidity inside the schools that reaches over 90 in the classrooms and other spaces. The only recourse is maintenance patches and temporary fixes, setting up fans and opening doors and the small windows while nothing is drying. The parents and staff bring in water, Gatorade, freeze-pops and sometimes have some classes outside. It isn’t easy to keep the learning happening and the attention of kids whose arms are sticking to their papers, are tired and feeling sick and unable to even eat lunch from the heat. 

The money in this building bond is only covering the highest priority needs for the buildings. These kids will be our future doctors, lawyers, nursing home administrators, teachers, parents, neighbors and productive people in our communities.

Please vote “yes.”

Mollie Miller, Maplewood


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