South-West Review police reports published September 4, 2017

South-West Review police reports published September 4, 2017 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights 

Disorderly conduct

Details were slim, but a resident reported that someone was acting rather disorderly in the 2900 block of 80th Street Aug. 21. 

A 38-year-old man was cited for indecent exposure in the 5700 block of Bishop Avenue Aug. 22. He was intoxicated and was taken to Ramsey County Detox. 


Police responded to a business in the 6600 block of River Road Aug. 24, after staff reported that an intoxicated man had just left the business and had gotten into his car around 1:40 a.m. Officers located the 29-year-old man and arrested him for DWI. He was transported to the Dakota County Jail. 

Fleeing police

An officer attempted a traffic stop in the area of 73rd Street and Cleadis Way on Aug. 24. However, the driver didn’t pull over and began fleeing. The 30-year-old male driver was eventually stopped and was arrested in the 7300 block of Clayton Avenue and transported to the Dakota County Jail. 

Fire and death investigation

Around 9:20 p.m. on Aug. 24, police officers and firefighters responded to a home that was on fire. Emergency responders found a deceased woman inside the home and extinguished the fire. Police are investigating the woman’s death and the cause of the fire.  


A resident in the 8300 block of Claymore Court called police to report that someone was fraudulently opening various accounts using their personal information Aug. 25. The victim said it had apparently been going on since the beginning of July. 


Two packages containing cigars valued at $45 each were intercepted by a mail thief in the 5700 block of Carmen Avenue Aug. 23. 

A theft incident was reported in the 5800 block of Blaine Avenue Aug. 23. 

A $178 vacuum was stolen from someone in the 1800 block of 52nd Street Aug. 24. 

A resident in the 5600 block of Bishop Avenue reported a theft Aug. 26. The value of what was stolen was about $25.


Mendota Heights

Hotdog thrown

Police responded to a theft-in-progress report from a business in the 900 block of Sibley Memorial Highway Aug. 21. When officers arrived, they discovered one of two suspects threw a hotdog at someone inside the business and then the two fled. Eventually, they were located by police and agreed to pay for the hotdog. They were also banned from the business. 


Police responded to a location along Highway 13 on the report of domestic assault Aug. 18. When officers arrived, they found a woman with multiple stab wounds. Police are investigating whether or not they were the result of an assault, or self-inflicted. 

Double whammy 

A man was assaulted in the 1000 block of Highway 110 before the suspect stole his car and fled the scene Aug. 19. The victim was transported to his home in Burnsville. The stolen vehicle was eventually located and the suspect, who was no longer with the vehicle, was identified. Police are keeping an eye out for him. 

Marijuana in the car

During a routine traffic stop along Highway 110, an officer smelled marijuana when approaching the driver Aug. 20. The officer then searched the vehicle and found drug paraphernalia. The driver was issued a citation and the paraphernalia was taken away as evidence. 


A resident in the 1600 block of Lilydale Road called police Aug. 18 to report a stolen trailer. 

Police received a report from a resident in the 700 block of South Plaza Drive Aug. 18, regarding a theft that occurred two weeks prior. Police are investigating the incident.

A resident called police from the 800 block of Highway 13 to report a stolen vehicle Aug. 20. 

Police received a report of a stolen license plate off a vehicle parked in the 1200 block of Northland Drive Aug. 21. 

Staff at a gas station in the 2000 block of Dodd Road reported that someone pumped gas and then drove off without paying Aug. 21. 


According to a school employee, “windows and gas lines” were among the things reported to have somehow been damaged on the roof of a school building in the 900 block of Mendota Heights Road Aug. 21. Police checked security footage and found that three to four young males had climbed onto the roof on Aug. 12 and Aug. 19.


South St. Paul

Banned from Subway

A man panhandling at the Subway restaurant in the 100 block of Concord Exchange was officially banned by the owner of the fast food sandwich shop Aug. 24.


A residential burglary took place during the day, Aug. 21, in the 100 block of Eighth Avenue. According to police, the intruder entered the home through a back porch window. 

An alarm sounded at a business in the 1000 block of Concord Street around 11 p.m. Aug. 26. Officers arrived and found a broken window. They also soon found the suspect. According to the police report, she also admitted to burglarizing another address in the 800 block of Concord Street that same night. She had several sets of car keys — that did not belong to her — on her. 

Domestic assault 

Police received word that a man assaulted his wife in the area of Southview Boulevard and Ninth Avenue Aug. 22. 

A man was punched in the face by his son in the 2100 block of Conver Avenue Aug. 27. Police are keeping an eye out for the suspect. 

Street quarrel 

Police responded to the 300 block of Sixth Avenue around midnight Aug. 24. Officers arrived to find a man and woman arguing in the middle of the street. The man was also found to have drug paraphernalia on him. 


Numerous tools were reported stolen from a detached garage in the 700 block of Fifth Avenue Aug. 26. 


A resident in the 100 block of 17th Avenue called police to report vandalism Aug. 23. 

Warrant arrest 

Police responded to the 300 block of Fourth Avenue after a woman called to report that her adult daughter was causing a disturbance Aug. 22. Officers arrived and found the woman hiding under a truck in a nearby parking lot. She was transported to the Dakota County Jail. 

A man was arrested on a felony warrant after police located him in the area of Thompson and 16th avenues Aug. 23. Officers were initially responding to the area on a report of suspicious activity.

Police arrested a man with a warrant in the 600 block of Fifth Avenue Aug. 26. 


West St. Paul

Fleeing police

Staff at the Target in the 1700 block of Robert Street called police after a woman, who they had had in custody, injured the toe of a loss prevention employee and then fled the store with about $100 worth of unpaid-for merchandise Aug. 23. She jumped into a vehicle and zoomed off, fleeing both the store and then police. The 40-year-old woman was eventually caught and arrested; she was booked at the Dakota County Jail for felony fleeing, fourth-degree assault, obstruction of a legal process and theft charges. 


A man in the 800 block of Humboldt Avenue received calls from someone trying to impersonate a police officer but recognized the callers claims as false and called police about the harassment or fraud attempt Aug. 22. 

Little fires

A man called police the morning after a “group of younger kids” had lit “things on fire” outside his business in the 800 block of Dodd Road Aug. 22. The man told police that he arrived to work to find the remnants of their small destructions in the parking lot. He also said the same thing happened the week prior. 

Suspicious burglary

A resident in the 1500 block of Bellows Street told police his garage was broken into overnight into Aug. 29, but said nothing appeared to be missing. The caller also said a pile of mail belonging to various residents was sitting next to the garage. Police delivered the mail items to the correct people. 


A woman reported her trailer stolen overnight into Aug. 28 from the 900 block of Seminole Avenue. 

Police received a report from a woman in the 200 block of Westview Drive who said her son had visited her home to remove some of his belongings Aug. 28; however, she told police he may have taken more than just his own possessions. She said her computer monitor and printer were missing. She added that her son has not answered her phone calls or messages. Police got a hold of the man and he agreed to return the electronics. 

A woman in the 200 block of Lothenbach reported a ladder stolen Aug. 28. 


A woman called police to report that her ex had been calling and texting threats Aug. 29. She told officers that he mentioned damaging her vehicle — so much so that she would need a new one. She showed officers the messages and they told her how to obtain an order for protection.


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