Roseville officers patrolling park and ride neighborhoods during State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is fun for nearly all, but the annual 12-day event can also mean an influx of people into communities near the fairgrounds, bringing with them some inconveniences.

In recent years, residents who live near Roseville’s nine State Fair park and ride locations have raised concerns to the city about parking issues, littering, and, though it’s rare, fairgoers acting disorderly as they come and go to their cars.

According to Roseville police Lt. Lorne Rosand, the city has listened to the residents’ concerns. 

Rosand said that back in April, the Roseville City Council struck a deal with the State Fair requiring it to hire off-duty Roseville officers to patrol the neighborhoods near the park and rides to crack down on poor parking and other misdeeds.


“Quiet neighborhoods have suddenly become large parking lots and I get it — residents have the right to be upset when they’re parked in, there’s litter or disorderly conduct,” Rosand said. “They have a right to a tranquil neighborhood.”

Through the duration of the fair, which runs through Sept. 4, he said those off-duty Roseville officers will have the specific task of going through the neighborhoods, addressing residents’ specific concerns.

Rosand stressed the patrols won’t deplete service elsewhere in the city and the costs won’t be borne by residents.

“It’s not the taxpayers [paying], it’s the Minnesota State Fair,” he said, pointing out that otherwise, they’ll look like regular cops on patrol in Roseville squad cars.

A recent Roseville city newsletter had additional information about how the park and ride lots are regulated. 

“Several of the lots are located on commercial property and are a permitted use under city code,” the newsletter said. “The park and ride lots at eight churches and Roseville Area High School are allowed under an interim use permit. The permit is reviewed every five years.”

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— Mike Munzenrider


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