LETTER: Out-out-touch SSP council should resign

To the Editor,

Our out of touch South Saint Paul City Council members, of which Tom Seaberg stands above all, should resign in mass. For years, our council has failed to have a vision for our city while wasting money and blaming anyone and anything. The last eight budgets posted on the city’s website show a declining commercial property tax base forcing homeowners to effectively pay more. Our council blamed the stockyards for the economic woes yet gives new businesses twenty years of free property taxes with no guarantee they stay longer than that.  

Now with the old stockyards mostly filled, they’re turning to blaming those with disabilities, the poor, and elderly. Seaberg is quoted in a Star Tribune article saying, “It’s not a discriminatory thing, it’s an economic issue.” It’s difficult to take him at his word. Our grandparents deserve respect, and all of us know a disabled family member or friend. To blame policing costs is to forget that the city already has ordinances in place to deal with bad landlords or tenants. Ordinances are rarely enforced because the city dedicates only a couple of hours per week to enforcement.  

If the city is concerned about economic issues, we should ask where the money is going. Why we’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating buildings we have no plan for, or why the park bond issue ran out of money before completing what was promised to voters? It’s a discriminatory thing and it’s time for them to go.

Warren Claflin, South St. Paul

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