LETTER: In opposition to GOP health care

To the Editor:

Obamacare tried to do two basic things: expand coverage and lower cost. It was successful on the first and failed on the second. Instead of correcting it, the GOP wants to make it worse. The GOP House and Senate bills will cause between 22 to 24 million more people to be uninsured. This, added to the 28 million still uninsured, means 50 million citizens without insurance. The GOP plan will have rates rise except for the young and very healthy, and have deductibles skyrocket. The GOP plan will slough off things to states’ governments, wrecking coverage plans and destroy coverage for preexisting conditions. The only thing the GOP plan will do is give a huge tax break to the incredibly rich.

I write in opposition to the “GOP health (we don’t) care bill.” 

Anthony Harder, St. Paul

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