LETTER: Lewis’ silence speaks volumes

To the editor,


Recently, U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis issued a public statement supporting the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris agreement.  His statement is noteworthy not for its words, but for its silence.

Rep. Lewis’ statement contains not one word of concern about climate change.  This should make all of us very concerned.  

 Nearly 200 countries signed on to the voluntary Paris agreement to reduce greenhouse gasses.  Syria and Nicaragua are the only countries that rejected it; Nicaragua because its representatives wanted stronger language.  Pulling out of the Paris agreement — or even threatening to pull out — will cause untold damage to our strategic alliances around the world.  What does Rep. Lewis have to say about this? Nothing. 

Nearly 3.5 million Americans work in high-paying jobs in the renewable energy or energy efficiency sectors of our economy.  How many of those jobs will be lost if we no longer have federal targets and research support in this area?  If these companies move to set up shop in a more hospitable climate? Rep. Lewis says...nothing.

“Natural” disasters are already unfolding each year in Minnesota and around our country because of the cumulative effects of greenhouse gasses.  All Rep. Lewis has to offer is more silence.  

On the other hand, his words do make clear, Rep. Lewis IS very fond of Lake Pepin.  


Susan Moses-Zirkes

Mendota Heights

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