Tips for tree planting

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources field staff, resource managers and the DNR Information Center staff answer many questions every day about natural resources topics. Here is one of them:

Q.  I’d like to plant a tree on my property and want to make sure it gets off to a good start. What are some tips for tree planting?​

A. Trees need to be planted properly to live a long and healthy life. The first step is to pick a tree best suited for the planting site. Take into account your local climate, soil type, available space and the amount of sunlight the location receives.

Once you’ve selected a tree to plant, here are a few tips:

• Keep the tree’s roots damp until planting.

• Remove pot-bound and encircling roots.

• Plant the tree so the tree’s first woody root is at ground level.

• Layer two inches to four inches of mulch over the planting area, keeping mulch away from trunk.

• Water newly planted trees at least once a week for three years.

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— Jennifer Teegarden, DNR forestry outreach specialist



For more information, call the DNR information line at 296-6157 or go to the DNR Web site at

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