Recycling in Central Park in Roseville

Recycling just got a little easier in Central Park. On May 2, Eureka Recycling added recycling carts to Central Park at Lexington and Victoria avenues. The city is working with Eureka Recycling on a pilot program to service carts on a pathway in the park, in an effort to increase recycling. 

During the rollout of the new carts, you may see Eureka Recycling staff setting up carts in new locations, and replacing some of the old-style containers. The new single sort carts will be clearly labeled with the accepted materials including cardboard, paper, glass and plastics bottles, aluminum cans and other items. The pilot program will allow staff to collect data on recyclable materials that are collected, contamination issues, wear and tear on the trails and the park user experience. 

Eureka Recycling will service the carts on Monday mornings starting at 7 a.m., and the first collection was Monday, May 8. If you see a truck, it is standard procedure for the driver to stop and allow pedestrians to pass before continuing on the route.   

If you have questions or comments, contact or call 651-792-7004. Additional information is available at





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