What do current immigration policies mean to Roseville?

To the editor:


You are probably unaware several Roseville area residents have been detained by ICE, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and separated from their families.

Since March, Do Good Roseville has convened area residents to explore establishing local sanctuary churches/sanctuary supporting churches, and actions residents can take independently to support immigrants and refugees in our community.

Because federal and proposed state policies are attempting to punish municipalities with “separation ordinances,” Roseville’s fire and police departments were queried to determine current policies on inquiries about immigration status and estimated funding losses if Roseville were to adopt a separation ordinance.

These are current Roseville department policies:

• Roseville does not have a “separation ordinance.”

• Roseville police, fire or municipal services do not make inquiries about immigration status when services are provided.

• If ICE operates in Roseville for an illegal immigrant sweep, Roseville should be notified of the pending action, but does not provide any direct operational support to ICE.

• In criminal situations involving illegal immigrants, Roseville would become involved as in any other criminal case and investigation.

• The Roseville Police Department does not plan to request training to become “immigration officers.”

• Roseville receives minimal direct federal aid. Federal money is funneled through the state or Ramsey County.

• Roseville receives less than 1 percent of its total budget from the state for police and fire services.

Please attend the Imagine Roseville meetings on May 3 and 4 to address the impact of immigration policies on our community.


Sara Barsel



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