Rep. Jason Lewis’s intentions and the AHCA

To the editor:


Although he never had the chance to cast it, 2nd Congressional District Rep. Jason Lewis was considered a solid “yes” vote for the American Health Care Reform Act.

Here is a look at the consequences of Jason Lewis’s intentions for the people of our congressional district. 

According to the analysis by the Congressional Budget Office and projections by Harvard health economist David Cutler, under GOP health reform between 40,000 and 50,000 residents of our congressional district would lose health insurance. The breakdown follows.

The most in need receive Medicaid coverage for their health care.According to the sources, under the GOP approach 2,700 adults, 3,500 children, 700 disabled people, and 4,600 Medicaid expansion persons would lose coverage in our district.

Because the bill would have triggered an increase in premiums and a loss of subsidies, an estimated 18,700 people district wide would lose insurance purchased on MNsure or other channels.

Increases in premiums and reductions in tax incentives for employers would lead to 19,900 employees losing employer-sponsored coverage.

And 2,100 low income and medically needy seniors living among us would see the assistance they receive to pay for Medicare premiums and out of pocket costs reduced.

Finally, the GOP health reform approach would grant 17,000 2nd district residents with incomes above $200,000 a reduction in their taxes.

Jason Lewis says he would have voted for this without hesitation. And if it, or something like it, comes up again, he indicates he will vote for it in the future.


Richard Hamer

Mendota Heights


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