Enough is enough at Shoreview Commons

To the Editor:



A recent article in the March/April ShoreViews Recreation Catalog announced the city’s plans to add on to the Shoreview Community Center and make 28 “improvements” to Shoreview Commons Park. Some of the park add-ons include a “destination playground,” a plaza-style skate park, a wedding pergola and plaza for wedding seating, a stormwater treatment train and a sculpture garden.

Why add 28 improvements to one park? The neighborhood adjacent to that park wants to remain a neighborhood, not “downtown Shoreview.” If all these changes are enacted, how much green space will be left in the park?

Then there’s the cost issue. The “destination playground” alone will cost $1 million — in a park that already has two playgrounds. Why invest so much money into one park? Shouldn’t that money be spread out over all Shoreview parks so everyone benefits? 

A third concern is parking. The destination playground will bring in a lot of people outside our neighborhood. Where will they park? While City Manager Terry Schwerm contends the parking lot at the Shoreview Community Center can handle it, they must have doubts because the city is looking to acquire houses adjacent to the Community Center as they become available.  

These are your tax dollars. Please contact your city council members with your concerns. The park add-ons are scheduled to begin in September but there is still time to influence how many of these plans will be initiated. Let your voice be heard.


Linda Horton



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