Think twice before making a gift out of an Easter bunny

To the Editor:



I was glad to read the April 2 item about the rescue of a dog from a lake near the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. I’m concerned about some other animals: bunnies that are purchased around Easter time. Please, before buying that small animal, research exactly what you are getting or giving.

The Minnesota House Rabbit Society points out some children and rabbits may not be a good match, and that, while the children want to hold the bunny, they won’t understand why the rabbit may struggle, bite or kick as they would instinctively as if being seized by a predator.

Rabbits are not just bundles of fur, but little beings who need everyday care that is different from dogs and cats. Rabbits can chew on household items to keep their teeth from growing. Because of such behaviors and others, many end up at animal shelters. Many healthy rabbits are euthanized annually because shelters simply can’t house them all. Some bunnies are turned loose by owners and likely end up as prey for dogs, hawks or cats, or to die from disease or injury.

To prevent rabbit abandonment after Easter, give children a stuffed toy or some special time with some special people.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, not the time to exploit animals so a shopping center or pet shop can attract more customers. Easter is a time when perhaps we should be more sensitive to living beings and to the value of all life.


Barbara Stasz

Mounds View


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