Roseville’s feeding ban, deer cull were a good start, but ...

To the Editor:


Roseville recently adopted a ban on deer feeding and authorized a cull of the very large herd of deer within the city by professional sharpshooters.

The feeding ban, while welcomed, was a symbolic gesture in response to the numerous complaints of damage done by deer to plants and gardens from residents. Other than perhaps concentrating deer in a neighbor’s backyard and increasing the damage to adjacent residences due to that concentration, the survival of deer doesn’t depend upon handouts from altruistic but uninformed people. The deer will survive based on the carrying capacity of an area, although it can get out of balance in an area like Roseville with its abundance of food, water, cover and no natural predators, which, if present, would keep things in balance.

I was glad to hear the authorized culling of the herd resulted in 20 deer being removed from the area and was hoping our garden, and the many plants that my wife has on our lower patio, would now be safe from the local whitetails. My joy was shaken a bit when I saw 10 deer standing in our yard midday a few weeks after the cull. The continued presence of too many deer in our neighborhood was confirmed again this morning when I found four sets of deer tracks left overnight in the freshly fallen snow.

The feeding ban was symbolic and a nice gesture and the sharpshooter hunt was a nice start, but there are still too many deer around the neighborhood.


Norm Hanson


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