Prosecute those who violently disrupted the rally for President Trump

To the Editor:


On March 4, my wife and I attended what we thought would be a peaceful rally at the Capitol to show support for President Donald Trump. However, this rally was disrupted by six masked and terrorist-dressed felons, one of whom was Woody Kaine, son of Tim Kaine, the running mate of Hillary Clinton.  

There are plenty of pictures and witnesses of these six individuals punching innocent rally attendees, throwing smoke bombs, starting fires, spraying mace in the face and eyes of innocent people and making such loud noise that it totally disrupted this peaceful rally. 

The safety of people at our Capitol should be of primary concern to Ramsey County and the City of St. Paul but apparently it is not. Since this is an issue important to all Minnesotans — our own safety in our Capitol — why haven’t these six individuals been charged and prosecuted for the felonious acts they committed on peaceful rally attendees? Our county attorney, John Choi and St. Paul City Attorney Samuel Clark have failed to charge and prosecute these individuals. There is plenty of evidence in the form of pictures and eye witness accounts for them to prosecute these six individuals for assaulting innocent people.

These six individuals need to be charged and prosecuted. Precedence has already been established in Huntington Beach, California, where the county attorney charged similar attackers with felony assault. If we can't count on our county and city law enforcement agencies and personnel to prosecute criminals, who can we count on?


David R. Sina



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