J. Arthur’s Coffee closing its doors to the public

Roseville’s J. Arthur’s Coffee will be closed to the public effective May 1. The shop, opened in 2008 by ACR Homes and opened to the public in 2011, will revert to its original purpose of serving as a gathering place for ACR staff and the people with disabilities supported by ACR.

Space will remain as private meeting place


A March 31 post on the J. Arthur’s Coffee shop Facebook page makes clear the message being conveyed is not an April Fools’ joke.

“Effective May 1st, J. Arthur’s Coffee will be CLOSED to the public,” a posted photo reads. 

“As much as we will miss serving coffee to our loyal customers, we are looking forward to being able to use this space for what it was originally meant to be — a meeting space for employees of ACR Homes, and a social space for the people with disabilities supported at ACR and Arthur’s Residential Care,” the post says.

A trip to the popular Roseville coffee shop three weeks before the end confirmed the Facebook post. While J. Arthur’s still bustled with customers, a bright yellow sign hung at eye level on the front door. “Closing,” it said in thick permanent marker.

Store manager Mike McLouth said the closure is “bittersweet.” Scores of customers have expressed their sadness about it, he said, while at the same time it will be nice for the space to be more available for its intended use.

ACR Homes opened the coffee shop, located at 2441 Rice St., in 2008 as a training and meeting space for ACR staff, according to the J. Arthur’s website. 

ACR, which is headquartered next door, provides residential support services for people with physical and developmental disabilities, as well as elder and memory care through affiliated companies. J. Arthur’s was also a place where people who live in ACR homes could grab a cup of coffee.

In 2011, the shop opened to the public, and, according to its website, “began pursuing an artisan, handcrafted approach to coffee with an emphasis on direct sourcing of high quality local ingredients and sustainability.”


Dunkin’ Donuts? 

‘Not really’

Late last year, coffee competition moved in fewer than 200 feet to the south: A Dunkin’ Donuts opened Dec. 14 at 2425 Rice Street.

McLouth threw cold water on the assumption the East Coast doughnut and coffee seller contributed to J. Arthur’s closure.

"Not really,” he said when asked if Dunkin’ Donuts was a factor, noting the two shops serve “different markets” and J. Arthur’s saw little change in its day-to-day business since December.

Instead, he pointed out, J. Arthur’s had announced its plans to be closed to the public back in June 2016, but never got around to actually nailing down a date, until recently. McLouth said he heard about the concrete closure plans a couple weeks before the March 31 announcement.

The coffee shop urges people to use their gift cards before May 1, otherwise gift card refunds will be available until June 1. It’s also honoring room rentals through the end of the month. 

On whether J. Arthur’s closure to the public will be a permanent thing, McLouth said he’s not sure. “It’s hard for me to believe it will be forever,” he added.


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