Arden Hills 'egg' hunt? What’s next?

To the Editor:





The April 2 Bulletin Board announced an April 15 Arden Hills “egg” hunt. And, an added attraction was ... “come join the Spring Bunny for a hopping good time.” 

My secular calendar indicates Sunday, April 16 as Easter ... that is, “Easter Sunday.” The day before Easter Sunday has long been accepted as “Easter Saturday.”

Evidently, and sadly, it must be imagined the Arden Hills mayor and city council have caved in to the secular progressive lobby ... such that the name of America’s Easter season tradition (an “Easter” Egg Hunt) has been deemed politically incorrect.  

Therefore, as to the city council’s apparent striking of “Easter” from the egg hunt name ... beware of the strategic necessity of a succeeding ordinance.  

PETA could soon file suit ... claiming that “bunny” and “hopping” undermine the dignity of “cottontails.” And, accordingly, these words are to be strictly verboten when describing humans having a “good time.”

God Bless America! 


Gene Delaune

New Brighton


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