How we can care for our planet

Glenn Skuta, a long-time resident of Oakdale, is giving a workshop called “On Care for Our Common Home,” at the Benedictine Center, 2675 Benet Road, in Maplewood, on Sunday, April 23, from 1 to 3 p.m. A freewill offering will be accepted. 

His workshop is based on Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical Laudato Si, which emphasizes the importance of caring for creation and each other and becoming better stewards of the land. “It’s a wonderful document to read,” he explains. “It reminds each of us what we are called to do, and emphasizes humanity’s role in serving God and creation.”

“Participants will explore what the encyclical means for our world,” he explains, “and find practical applications for their daily lives. They will have an opportunity to listen and discuss issues critical to our planet and to us all.”

Skuta, who has worked for Minnesota’s Pollution Control Agency for 27 years, now serves as director of the Watershed Division, where he is responsible for protecting rivers and lakes from pollution. For the past three years, he has also served as deacon for Corpus Christi and St. Rose of Lima Catholic churches in Roseville.

He and his wife, Nancy, have lived in Oakdale for over 20 years and raised two daughters, who attended Transfiguration and Hill Murray schools. In 2011, this family was awarded the City of Oakdale’s “Green Acorn Award” for environmental stewardship.

Skuta was instrumental in installing a 40 kilowatt solar panel system on top of Transfiguration Catholic School — which became the model for the solar energy system now serving Oakdale City Hall. In 1990, his agency worked with the City and the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District to clean up Tanner’s Lake and restore it to its non-polluted condition.

For more information about this workshop, call 651-777-7251 or email: The Benedictine Center is a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery in Maplewood, located at.

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