Hearing of America: Personalized Hearing Care Services and State-of-the-Art Technologies to Transform Your Life

Dr. Jerry Zhou and patient care coordinator Brianna Overton are the friendly faces at the Hearing of America clinic at 1075 Hadley Ave. N. in Oakdale, ready to provide patients with expert care and service.

Marilyn Wood, a long-time patient, says she appreciates Dr. Jerry’s thoroughness, noting he takes the time to explain patients’ conditions and helps them understand what hearing aid technology will best meet their needs.

Hearing of America was given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota, the highest rating given by the organization.

Are you noticing a relative or friend isn’t following conversations like they used to because they’re not catching every word? Do you find it hard to hear your grandchildren or loved ones?

Dr. Jerry Zhou of Hearing of America in Oakdale says family members and friends are usually the first to notice when someone isn’t hearing as well as in the past. “Hearing loss happens gradually, and people don’t realize what they’re missing,” he explains.

One visit with Dr. Jerry, as his patients fondly call him, can be transformational for a hearing-impaired individual.

Dr. Jerry has state-of-the-art audiometric equipment to diagnose a patient’s exact level and type of hearing loss.

Patients are counseled on their test results and Dr. Jerry helps them map out a personalized rehabilitation plan with hearing instruments that best suit their needs.

The examination can take place in Hearing of America’s modern, comfortable office on Hadley Street or in a patient’s home. Yes, Dr. Jerry is one of those rare medical professionals who still makes house calls.

His portable diagnostic equipment is the same high caliber as the stationary equipment found in his clinic.

Marilyn Wood, a long-time patient of Dr. Jerry, says she switched to Hearing of America because his services and hearing aids are much better quality.

“Everything was positive and thorough,” says Wood, adding that Dr. Jerry takes the time to make sure his patients understand their condition and the technology used to help them hear.

With 20+ years of experience in research and development, and a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in communications disorders, both from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Jerry has a keen understanding of the causes of hearing loss and a technological knowledge far beyond what you will find at storefront hearing aid centers with limited options and products purchased in bulk quantities.

“I know hearing aids inside and out,” Dr. Jerry says. “I do a detailed hearing consultation and take the time to explain hearing mechanics, what causes hearing loss, hearing impact on lives, and hearing technologies that can help with hearing. And then I customize a treatment plan to have a complete rehabilitation.”

“I very much would recommend Hearing of America and I already have,” Wood says, adding she has recommended Dr. Jerry to friends and neighbors.

“Now one of Marilyn’s neighbors is a patient of mine,” Dr. Jerry says with a laugh.

As a member of the Oakdale community for over two years now, Dr. Jerry says one of the things he has been most proud of has been giving back to the community. He works closely with the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce to serve the community. He also works with the Help America Hear program by providing free hearing care to those who have received free hearing aids. 

“I have been wearing hearing aids since 1995. I have been a client of Dr. Jerry’s for about eight years,” said Joy Lenz. “Dr. Jerry works closely with me to ensure that my hearing devices are suited to my lifestyle. He has even adjusted them to accommodate the tones of my grandchildren’s voices so that I may hear them better on the telephone! I appreciate his attention to detail and the way I can finally hear as I should.”

She notes, “The cost of the devices is also very competitive.  The warranty exceeds that of the other providers.  I highly recommend him to my family and friends.”

Wood adds, “Now I have a better quality of life!”

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