Cerenity Marian: Your friendly new home

Volunteers like Alice Oneal will visit residents to talk or read books. The volunteers become like another family member.

Crystal Rosenbloom works with culinary staff to offer a variety of menu options residents choose from each day.

Fran Czaplweski, resident, says she loves the variety of things to do that are offered here.

Home — where each lives for the other and all for God.

Cerenity Marian has been, and continues to be, “home” for many seniors who have long histories and great stories of living on the east side of St. Paul. Through the efforts of Catholic Services for the Elderly, whose mission was to establish a Catholic nursing home in St. Paul, “Marian Center” came to be. In 1998 it opened its’ doors as a nursing home. Today Cerenity Marian offers a continuum of care.

Cerenity Marian Residence offers independent and assisted living apartment. Cerenity Marian Care Center services include memory care and skilled long term care. Cerenity Marian also offers transitional care with rehabilitation therapy.

As a faith-based community, the staff at Cerenity Marian is encouraged to be conscious of living out the facility’s mission and core values -- hospitality, respect, collaboration and stewardship.

“In practicing our core values on a daily basis, we are providing a welcoming, warm environment in which residents can thrive at the highest level of quality of life they can,” Anne Kolar, marketing director, says.


A listening ear

Alice Oneal has volunteered at Cerenity Marian for 10 years. Oneal says she was introduced to Cerenity Marian when she helped priests from her Roman Catholic parish move in when they reached the retirement stage.

“I came and visited them, and got to know what the place was like,” Oneal recalls. “I’ve always said if I ever decide I need to make changes, this would be the place I want to live.”

That’s because Cerenity Marian has all the things Oneal says she would be interested in -- from independent living apartments for active seniors, to assisted living with trained staff to help with medications, bathing and meals, to the care center with skilled nursing, rehab facilities and memory care. 

She also likes that she would have the option of attending daily Mass, and participating in social events, craft activities and fun outings.

Oneal visits Cerenity Marian one day a week and spends time with the residents. A trained lay Eucharistic visitor, she brings Communion to some residents, and sits and prays with them. Other residents just have her stop by for a chat. 

She especially enjoys volunteering at the musical events, and describes herself as “crazy” about the sing-alongs and musical groups that perform at Cerenity Marian. 

“I’ll go there and sometimes dance around with the residents. They kind of like that,” Oneal says with a smile.

Oneal says she’s continually impressed by the staff’s caring nature, explaining “the employees are here for the residents.” 

Through her volunteering, she has formed many friendships and feels like she’s part of the Cerenity Marian family. “I get more out of it probably than the residents do,” Oneal says.


A place to call home

Fran Czaplewski has been a resident at Cerenity Marian for three years.

“I love it,” she says succinctly.

When Czaplewski began touring senior living facilities, she had no real checklist of what she was looking for. She toured several places, but none had daily worship services. When Czaplewski found out Cerenity Marian had Catholic Mass every day and was not far from her neighborhood, she knew she had found a good fit.

A couple acquaintances already lived there and told her it was a nice place. Looking back, Czaplewski says she definitely made the right choice, adding that the people she’s gotten to know at Cerenity Marian “have been the best part” of senior housing. 

She’s made so many new friends, there’s never a day when she feels lonely. She even does volunteer work at Cerenity Marian. 

“It’s just so homey,” Czaplewski says. “Everyone who comes in, even visitors, say it’s such a pleasant place.”


A helping hand

Crystal Rosenbloom has worked at Cerenity Marian for two years as a culinary supervisor, overseeing the dietary aides and servers. Her entry into elder care came when she was looking for a career change from the daycare industry. She says the first time she walked in the Cerenity Marian doors, something just felt right.

“I really love working with people. I love talking to older folks and listening to their stories,” Rosenbloom says. “I love being able to help people.”

Rosenbloom says the Cerenity Marian senior community is so fun to work with. 

She says all the employees are here to help the residents. They do everything with the residents in mind. 

“A lot of them work here and won’t leave because they become really close to the residents,” Rosenbloom says.

Rosenbloom says the staff is welcoming to all who walk through the doors, and everyone is bright and friendly. 

“The employees who will be taking care of you or your family members are here to listen.”

“At Cerenity Marian, your voice is heard. Someone is taking the time, even if they’re running behind, to sit down with people and get to know them on a personal base,” Rosenbloom says.

To experience the friendliness for yourself and see if Cerenity Marian is a good fit for you or a loved one, stop by for a visit to see it all for yourself. 

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