Affinity Plus HomeAdvantage program saves members average of $1,200 at home closing

Affinity Plus serves members at branches across the metro, throughout Minnesota and online.

Affinity Plus and the HomeAdvantage program are your partners to help you save money at home closing.

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union’s HomeAdvantage® program is an outstanding way the statewide credit union assists its members as they purchase new homes. 

“Our members who’ve used the program have been thrilled to average HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards of $1,200 because they used a realtor in our HomeAdvantage network,” says John Simonsen, Affinity Plus Director of Real Estate. “It doesn’t matter if members are first-time homebuyers or moving to their next home, HomeAdvantage is a terrific opportunity and resource.”

Guidance, resources 

and money savings

“Affinity Plus members actively searching for a home or others just beginning their exploration both can take advantage of the free program,” he said. After signing up for HomeAdvantage, members: have immediate access to MLS listings and additional resources like recent sales; demographics; nearby schools and more;
can choose an experienced real-estate agent that knows and understands Affinity Plus’ approach to supporting members,
can apply for a mortgage and check the status of the process on the Affinity Plus website.

“Information and relationships – that’s a powerful combination we’ve set up for our members,” Simonsen says. “Members want online tools, and then expertise and trusted partners for the home-buying process.”

Overall, he said, the home-buying process for Affinity Plus members is rooted in the credit union’s values – caring, excellence and integrity.

“We care about every conversation, every detail, and every step toward owning a new home. We know home buying can be stressful; Affinity Plus is committed to making it as simple, meaningful and rewarding as possible,” he said.

Affinity Plus 

in your community

Affinity Plus has a long history in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota, beginning in 1930 as State Capitol Credit Union. In 1999, it became Affinity Plus Federal Credit union but kept its more than half-century of commitment to serving members and their communities.

The credit union’s “people-helping-people” philosophy means their staff work daily to help improve members’ lives in small and large ways. Affinity Plus’ more than 530 staff statewide also volunteer in their communities with dozens of organizations and at numerous events.

Each year in October, Affinity Plus also holds Plus It Forward Day, spreading kindness and coordinating statewide kindness efforts with about two dozen credit unions.

For more information

Members and others interested in Affinity Plus’ HomeAdvantage program with CU Realty Services can learn more at or call (800) 322-7228.

Members also can log on to Affinity Plus’ website and get questions answered on live chat. For specific information about the HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards program, please see the website for complete details.

More information about Affinity Plus’s locations, products and services is available at

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