Maplewood Care Center’s revamped transition unit helps get people back on their feet

The newly revamped therapy clinic at Maplewood Care Center has a full kitchen as well as bathroom/shower area. These areas are used for occupational therapy to help people learn how to do things again at home.

Equipment like parallel bars are used for physical therapy to get patients up and moving again.

The remodeled therapy clinic at Maplewood Care Center is giving clients of all ages a leg-up.

Jodi Tessman, director of rehab, says before the therapy clinic was renovated, it was split between two levels.

“I think it’s really nice now having the therapy all on the same level with the Transitional Care Unit. It makes it so much more accessible for the patients to be right here on the same level,” Tessman says.

The Transitional Care Unit is a short-stay community for patients who are leaving one setting, such as a hospital, and just need more rehab therapy for a short period of time before moving to another setting, which in many cases is back home.

Two patient rooms were removed at Maplewood Care Center to make way for the new therapy “clinic,” which has a new “practice” kitchen and bathroom.

“The one big thing with occupational therapy is having the whole kitchen and bathroom set up for patients to be able to practice the tasks they would normally do at home. You don’t have to just pretend,” Tessman says. 

The revamped clinic still has most of the equipment that was in the former two-level gym, but now it has two nusteps, which clients love for exercise.

For patients recovering from injuries, strokes, hip and knee replacements, or other health issues, there are modalities like therapeutic electric stimulation for muscle re-education and pain management.

There is also standard therapy equipment, including stairs and parallel bars. 

Many of the physical therapists have been at the center for a long time, which is a benefit, Tessman says, because they know the building, the patients and have a wide-range of experience caring for people with multiple medical issues.

“We have a great team approach with great communication with nurses and social workers and meeting everyday. Really having that great communication makes for a better transitional care outcome for our clients,” Tessman says. 

Tessman says the Transitional Care Unit see patients with a variety of mental and physical rehab needs, touching on all aspects of patients’ wellbeing.

On average, most patients are able to go home within 10 to 14 days. Therapy sessions are offered six days a week.

Residents of the care center use the therapy clinic as well. Maplewood Care Center is a Volunteers of America community, and in addition to the short-term rehab unit, has a long-term skilled-care nursing home and a memory support wing. The nearby Homestead at Maplewood has assisted living apartments where the compassionate staff are just down the hall if residents need help with bathing, medications or have a medical emergency.

The advantages of a continuum of care campus are “the physical therapists are able to see all of the residents here [in the rehab unit],” Tessman explains. “It’s the same therapy staff and same clinic, and everything they would come to” if they had to go elsewhere for rehab therapy.

Doctors from HealthPartners and HealthEast make visits to the campus a couple times a week and check in on the rehab patients’ recovery.

Rooms in the Transitional Care Unit are now private, and the remodeling work is just the start of improvements. 

Call 651-770-1365 if you are interested in visiting or touring Maplewood Care Center’s newly remodeled transitional care community.

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