Letter: Super Bowl? More like super scam’

To the Editor:


Now that the countdown to Super Bowl 2018 is underway, you can be sure that the billionaires and millionaires who will profit from this event are going to do everything they can to stick us taxpayers with as much of the bill as possible for Minnesota hosting this event.

If you feel you've already been extorted enough by paying for half the cost of the Vikings' billion-dollar stadium, then now, while the Legislature is still in session, is the time to demand of Gov. Dayton, your state senator and state representative and local officials that they not cave in, yet again, to the Wilf family, who could have and should have paid for the U.S. Bank Stadium themselves.

It's my contention that hosting this mega event and the 2019 NCAA Final Four basketball tournament is not about sports but a desperate attempt to save fading and dangerous downtown Minneapolis, home to the state's largest newspaper, which is leading the media charge in favor of these events, as well as conflict-of-interest-ridden members of the host Super Bowl committee.

At the same time, and directly connected to the Super Bowl, is the crying need to reform the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, which also reeks of conflict of interest and abuse of your taxpayer dollars, and mine. Recent resignations on the authority are a start.

I remember when sports used to be fun but that was before people named Pohlad, Wilf, Glen Taylor and others took over and stuck us with the tab.


Willard B. Shapira


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