Sanneh Foundation receives $600,000, plans to expand programming

The Sanneh Foundation, which is based out of the Conway Recreation Center on the East Side, recently announced it has received $600,000 in grants from the Otto Bremer Trust. The $600,000 will be used over a four-year period to expand the foundation’s youth programming.

Since 2013, the organization has managed Conway Recreation Center. It also sponsors a day camps series and the Dreamline program.

The Otto Bremer Trust made early investments in The Sanneh Foundation and Dreamline, which provides tools and interventions to help struggling students become successful in school and in life. 

The Otto Bremer Trust’s early-stage investments enabled Dreamline to show proof of concept for the program’s model of combined tutoring and mentoring in matched partnerships with trusted and caring adults, as well as provided funding for program expansion into multiple school districts and regions.  

Sanneh’s Dreamline program serves schools in St. Paul, Minneapolis, St. Cloud and Osseo. The program works to help kids that schools have identified as underperforming by pairing them with a mentor and tutor. These mentors and tutors work with middle- and high-school students to increase their academic performance, help them feel connected to their schools, and help them develop leadership and relationship skills.

During the summer the foundation hosts a series of day camps which focus on sports like soccer, football, baseball and hockey that focus on building social and emotional skills for kids ages 6 through 12. 

“The Otto Bremer Trust’s early recognition of Dreamline’s potential and their ongoing support gave The Sanneh Foundation and Dreamline the ability to expand and become a more mature non-profit able to manage a yearly organizational budget of over $3.5 million,” said Tony Sanneh, founder and chief executive officer of The Sanneh Foundation. 

“This new multi-year major investment on their part will lay the foundation for The Sanneh Foundation to successfully manage our next stage of organizational expansion and serve more youth than ever before.”

“We’re very pleased to support The Sanneh Foundation’s efforts to tutor and mentor youth through programs that promote physical health and emotional development,” said Brian Lipschultz, co-CEO and trustee of Otto Bremer Trust.  “We believe Sanneh’s mission to promote diversity, equity and community-well-being are important components to building strong communities.”   

Tod Herskovitz, director of communications and special assistant to the CEO, said the foundation currently serves about 7,600 kids and its goal is to reach 10,000 kids. 

Otto Bremer Trust initially invested $35,000 into the foundation’s Dreamline program. With a yearly operating budget of $3.5 million, Herskovitz said this $600,000 over a four-year period will help the organization reach its goal of serving more kids.

“After three years of funding, [Otto Bremer trustees] have come to trust our vision and ability,” Herskovitz said.


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