Three artists win juried art contest

On Jan. 25, the Benedictine Center announced three winners in its sixth annual juried art competition called “Seeing God.” These winners, who share a $375 purse, are as follows:

First place: Sr. Jackie Leiter, from Maplewood, whose photograph, called “Incarnation”, showed a circular image of sky and trees to illustrate the words of John I. 

Second place: John Denham, from St. Paul, submitted a sculpture made from fused glass and metal. It was called “Let There Be Light” and conveyed the mystery of creation as described in the Bible. 

Third place: Rita Corrigan, from Rosemount, submitted “The Grandeur of God”, an oil painting showing the vivid beauty of a sky at sunset. 

According to Sam Rahberg, director of the Benedictine Center, this juried competition attracted almost 40 local artists whose works were “diverse and inspiring.” 

“The quality of submissions met our goals,” Rahberg says. “They communicated a sense of holy beauty and elicited sacred reflections on the part of viewers.” 

The “Seeing God” exhibit runs until March 3 and will be open daily in St. Paul’s Monastery from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is free and open to the public. Rahberg explained that this competition complements the Centers “Art and Spirituality” program honoring local artists who expand our understanding of God. 

The Benedictine Center, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery, is located at 2675 Benet Road in Maplewood. 


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