Lauderdale man robbed, shot in leg, in Facebook hookup gone wrong

A 22-year-old Lauderdale man thought he was in luck when a 22-year-old Iowa woman he’d just met on Facebook was coming over to his house for drinks.

What started out as an apparent romantic encounter in the early hours of Nov. 5 on Eustis Street in Lauderdale, ended with the man set up to be robbed and shot in the left leg by two unidentified men.

St. Anthony police have issued an arrest warrant for the woman, identified as Aynslie Ladon Thorman, of Spencer, Iowa, on felony charges of burglary, robbery and assault charges, and are seeking the two other suspects as well.

The maximum penalty for any of the charges against Thorman is 20 years, a $35,000 fine, or both.

From the criminal complaint: Thorman sent the victim a Facebook friend request. Though the man told police he had no idea who she was, he accepted it and the two exchanged messages, with the man eventually inviting Thorman over to his house for drinks.

According to the criminal complaint, she arrived at his home around midnight Nov. 5, and the two proceeded to drink and watch TV. Around 1:30 a.m., the woman allegedly went outside to make a phone call.

“[The victim] thinking he had developed an intimate rapport with Thorman,” the criminal complaint said, “left the living room to place a condom by his bed.”

He returned to the living room and was met by two unknown men standing in the doorway of the house, side-by-side. Both men hid their faces — one with a blue bandana, the other used a mask with a skeleton design on it — and the latter had a black revolver with a brown handle.

“Where is the money?” both men yelled, after the man with the skeleton mask fired a gunshot into the floor. The victim reportedly told the men he didn’t have any money and ran into a bathroom. He realized he was trapped in there, so he moved to the kitchen while he heard the assailants rummaging through his bedroom.

The men searched the victim and he eventually took out his wallet and gave them $160. At one point, during the robbery he was hit in the head with the revolver.

The men reportedly ordered the victim to lie on the floor — he thinks they stole his roommate’s Xbox at that time. The report said the men returned and demanded more money, this time becoming angry and aiming the cocked gun at the victim’s chest.

The victim said he helped the unarmed robber search his room for more money, though they found none. As he stood by the bed, the men began to exit the room. Then the man with the skeleton mask turned, and shot the victim in the left leg. Both assailants then ran out of the house.

The victim’s roommate, who took the injured man to the hospital, backed up his story to police. The roommate said he heard the gunshots, and at one point, the roommate, who was in bed with his girlfriend during the incident, said the skeleton-masked man barged into his room.

He allegedly demanded money from the roommate, though the roommate replied, “I have no idea about anything that’s going on right now.”

The roommate told police the masked man responded, “Oh, sorry to bother you. I’ll let you carry on.”

Neighbors interviewed by police told them they heard gunshots and yelling and screaming. They also said they saw a woman get into the back seat of a car parked on Eustis, which had two others in it as it drove away.

In a Lauderdale Crime Alert, the car was described as a black sedan with a loud muffler and out-of-state plates.

St. Anthony Captain Jeff Spiess said of the case, “We’re making good progress on it.” The St. Anthony Police Department and Ramsey County Crime Lab are investigating. 

Anyone with information about the robbery and shooting is asked to call St. Anthony at 612-782-3350 or Ramsey County Dispatch at 651-767-0648 and reference case number 16009484.


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