Letter: Stan Karwoski’s invested in the community’s well-being

To the editor:


I am married to a firefighter in Oakdale. Through this role, I have gotten to know how politics affects the public safety workers both in Oakdale and other communities. 

Mayor Stan Karwoski is someone who is invested in the well-being of this community as he has served for many years on the Oakdale Volunteer Fire Department Relief Board, and is a strong and consistent supporter of the fire department and all public safety officials. I am proud to live in a community that has strong support for those who protect it.

Additionally, as a child, I participated in many community events, but I do not recall seeing local officials present very often. It has been so encouraging and exciting for my children and me to actively know the city’s mayor and to see his involvement and excitement for the city he represents.

Knowing the leader that he is and his passion for the work that he does, I strongly urge you to vote for Stan Karwoski for the County Board of Commissioners District 2 seat.


Jessica Markfort



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