Letter: Kathy Lohmer, ‘a breath of fresh air, a woman of integrity’

To the editor:


Kathy Lohmer is running for re-election to MN House of Representatives District 39B. She is a “breath of fresh air, a woman of integrity” kind of leader.  I have known Kathy for 24 years and I have witnessed first-hand her commitment to integrity, sacrifice and strong leadership in the educational and political realm as I worked alongside of her. 

Kathy cares about people; she remembers names, faces and what matters to those with whom she connects and gets the job done, whether it be creating the Military Spouses and Family Appreciation Day, addressing identity theft or making needed changes to our child protection system (all which came to be because of Kathy’s hard work and initiative).  Kathy doesn’t just make promises, she keeps them.  She received the Family Champion Award because she is “humble, selfless and works tirelessly to defend and promote life, marriage, families and religious freedom in the state of Minnesota — often at great personal sacrifice.” 

The 2016 presidential election has been disheartening.  However, I am honored this election to cast my vote for Kathy Lohmer, a breath of fresh air, a woman of integrity! Kathy is devoted to upholding traditional values and advancing principles of small, efficient and effective government and low taxes.  Join me on Nov. 8 and vote for Kathy Lohmer and allow her to continue to make a difference on our behalf in the MN House of Representatives.


 Cheryl Miller

Lake Elmo



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