Bulletin area construction projects in full swing

Though construction season has been rolling along for several weeks now, below is a reminder of key construction projects underway this summer in the Bulletin coverage area. 


Ramsey County road construction projects:

• Reconstruction of the County Road E2 roadway from Fifth Street to Interstate 35W in New Brighton.

• Reconstruction of the interchange on County Road H from Old Highway 8 to I-35W in Arden Hills and Mounds View.

• Replacing of traffic signals and resurfacing the blacktop on County Road I from Highway 10 to I-35W in Mounds View.

• Resurfacing County Road J from Lexington Avenue to Hodgson Road in Shoreview.

• Reconstruction of Lexington Avenue from I-694 and Cummings Park Drive in Arden Hills and Shoreview. A new pedestrian trail alongside the road is also being added this summer.

• Resurfacing Lexington Avenue to the Rice Creek bridge in Shoreview.


MnDOT road construction projects in the Bulletin area:

• Construction of County Road E2 bridge spanning I-35W on the border of Arden Hills and Mounds View.

• Replacement of the County Road H bridge over I-35W in Arden Hills and Mounds View and rebuilding of the interchanges.   

• Replacing of old median barriers with new ones on Highway 10 between I-694 and I-35W in Arden Hills.

• Repaving of I-35W between Highway 36 and I-694 in Roseville, Arden Hills and New Brighton.

• Resurfacing of Highway 280, improving the drainage there and improving the ramp from northbound Highway 280 to northbound I-35W.

• Adding of a third general purpose lane and rebuilding ramps on I-694 between Rice Street in Shoreview and Lexington Avenue in Arden Hills.

• Painting of five bridges between I-35W and East River Road on I-694 in New Brighton and Fridley.


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