Seasons of the year and life

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

Living in this part of the country and the earth is kind of special. The variety of winter, spring, summer and fall gives us a variety of seasons to enjoy. Each of us has reasons to enjoy some more than others. These reasons can certainly change, as we grow older.

Those who like to spend time at their lake cabins may well be starting their favorite season. Some of our friends or acquaintances have come back from the southern states. Some of us have never seriously considered going south for the winter. You don’t skate or ski in southland.

We change with age.  If we think of what we enjoyed when we were age 20, 30 or even 40, probably has changed for us at age 60, 70 or 80. Other areas of life change little. Food tastes good when we are hungry, warm clothes feel good when it is cold and sleep feels good when we are tired. We can also apply this to our spiritual lives. If we think back over the 20, 30 or 40 years we could perhaps write a book on our spiritual lives and changes.

What is the point of all this? Our physical lives change as well as our mental lives change. How much attention do we give each area of our lives? Do I consciously think about caring for each area? It has been my experience that not eating proper food or not getting enough exercise, or not spending enough time in Bible study and prayer causes me to feel the lack of it.

Our Creator wants us to care for our physical, mental and spiritual needs. These all require some effort. We will never feel badly about caring for our needs in all of these areas. How have I done this month, this week or today? It is an ever-needed process. I need to remind myself often. How about you? 

These are good areas to remember. God is pleased when we as His children take care of our needs.

Have a good month.

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