Letter: Setting the record straight

To the Editor:
Regarding the “Sticky Subject” referred to in the Wed., Nov. 11 article “Voters elect two new faces for city council,” my campaign did not make an issue of Mr. Xiong or Mr. Smith not being homeowners.  As a neighborhood attorney, I serve lower to middle income individuals with 70 percent of my clientele falling into a category of being elderly, a minority, a renter, or having limited financial resources.  What my campaign did make issue of was the fact that Mr. Xiong, during the campaign represented himself as a “young lawyer,” when in fact he was not licensed. Further, I alerted voters to the fact that prior to their respective names being on the August 2015 ballot for council, neither Mr. Xiong or Mr.  Smith voted in a Maplewood regular primary or general election. Mr. Fischer has knowingly spoken out of turn, given he knows the nature of my law practice (having referred people to me) and has done a grave disservice by stating that I am “bigoted, elitist and racist.”  Take a look for yourself: my campaign literature has been posted on my website, www.dianalongrie.com, for months.

Diana Longrie

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