Letter: We voted ‘yes’

To the Editor:

Like many district 622 parents, I watched the poll results in the evening of November 3.  Earlier in the day, my husband and I took our two young boys (aged 2 and 4) with us to our polling station.  We voted “yes” not only for our children but also for our entire community. 
We voted “yes” for the retired woman who lives next door and plans to sell her house in the near future so that she can live closer to her children and grandchildren; Home-buyers seek homes in neighborhoods with a thriving school district and home-sellers reap the profits of higher property values.  We voted “yes” for the 89-year-old widower who has lived in the house next door for four decades; Students who participate in extra curricular activities are less likely to be causing trouble in the neighborhood and he can be safer in his own home.  We voted “yes” for the family around the corner whose children attend a charter school outside of the district; Their eligibility to continue to attend is at risk because the school receives less money from students in our district than other districts.  And we voted “yes” for the local businesses who will be employing this generation of students; The economy is stronger when we have a skilled, competent workforce.
We are a working class family who values local education.  We are disappointed that our community wasn’t willing to vote “yes” for our children and our collective future.
Amy Ledoux


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